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4 Tips for Selecting Eco-Friendly Dog Companies

If you’re anything like me, you agree it’s important to take care of this big and beautiful planet of ours and protect it anyway we can. I have two teenage children and I fear for their future. I often tell them not to have children of their own unless things improve. If they have their own kids by age 30 imagine what the future will be like for my grandkids. Honestly it scares me to death!


“Going green” or being eco-friendly doesn’t mean you need to be an activist or ban every single-use item from your house. It just means making conscious choices for you, your family and your dogs that tend to help, rather than harm, the environment.

For my business it means I make things in my own workshop to keep the carbon footprint as low as possible. There are no airplanes or lorries involved in turning my fabrics and trims into collars and leads and they never see a plastic bag. I really hate it when I see young women with dog accessory brands shipping products in from China and each item is individually bagged in plastic! I admire the young women who have set up these businesses, but I can’t get my head around the massive carbon footprint of these products.

You probably buy a lot of stuff for your dog: FOOD, BEDS, PILLOWS, TOYS, POOP BAGS, GROOMING SUPPLIES, CLEANING PRODUCTS, CLOTHING, COLLARS, TAGS, BOWLS, PUPPY PADS, CRATES, ETC. Do you know if the companies you are buying from include being environmentally conscious in their mission?

 I try to keep my dog product purchases as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. If you’re curious on where or how to find green pet products, here are my tips to get started.

1. Look for transparency

Transparency is a pawsitive, and eco-friendly brands are proud to talk about their sourcing.  Brands that are open about their sourcing, environmental pawprint and business practices get a ‘Yes’ from me. I love to see brands who make regular donations to charities such as The Dogs Trust Check out the websites of brands you buy to see if they mention their ethics in their mission statement or if they support a particular organisation.

2. Read the labels and/or product descriptions in full

Check the ingredient lists and packaging in full. Some companies have a QR code on them to help you see their sourcing in more detail. Also, check if the dog age suitability is clear on the label.

3. Choose reduced or recycled packaging

Excessive packaging is a NO-GO! When I order a product online, I do not need to receive it in a fancy printed postal box, wrapped in tissue or worse, plastic or bubble wrap. I don’t also need a postcard, a flyer and stickers. I just need the product fuss free and clearly labelled.

Also look out for the recycle symbol so at least if there is excess packaging you can do something with it.

4. Beware of deep discounts

Eco-friendly can be affordable, but they don’t tend to go on sale often because ethical sourcing doesn’t always lend itself to deep discounts. If a company is selling something off very cheap then they haven’t paid very much for it in the first place which usually means that cheap labour has been involved. If you are getting a lot of coupons or discounts for a product, research it more to see if it truly is eco-friendly or seems to be just “greenwashing.”


Protecting the planet is everyone’s job, is a worthy cause, protects our future. We can make a big difference by voting with the pounds we spend on our dogs.



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