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Poop Carrier Bag

Poop Carrier Bag

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Clips onto walking bag, lead or belt with lightweight carabiner clip

Edge to edge velcro closure to seal in odours with webbing ptabs for easy opening

Waterproof lining  fabric

Approx 12cm diameter x 12cm



1. Pick up your dogs poop as normal in a disposable bag and knot it closed securely

2. Place it inside the POOP CARRIER and close the velcro tightly from edge to edge

3. Attach it to your dog walk bag or other

4. Dispose of the poo in the nearest bin on your dog walk

5. After each use, check that there is no soiling and spray Febreze (or similar product) inside and outside the bag to remove any remaining smells


We recommend our products can also be hand washed at a cool temperature unless otherwise stated.

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